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Small tattoos

Small tattoos are perfect for you if you are afraid of pain but wanna havea one. Small once like other tattoos can be exclusive and beautiful. Here are some pictures of tattoos for you to choose.


female tattoo gallery

Every girl can decorate her body with tattoo. It can be cute tattoos, sexy or even aggressive. Most popular girl tattoos are flowers tattoos, star tattoos, butterfly tattoos. To my minde you should use your imagination and the result will be much better. Here’s one female tattoo gallery for example.


foot tattoos

Foot tattoos are  great tattoos to get. First of all it’s very sexy and seem well suited for female tattoo designs. The intricate design of butterflies, flowers with vines, and fairies all work well on the top of your foot.There are a ton of different tattoo designs that will work perfectly. Which one you choose is completely a personal choice. You should always pick something that has a deeper meaning and symbolic significance to you. Check out some pictures of tattoos 😉

If it’s not enough then check out this gallery!

Tattoo art is for everyone!!!!


Foot tattoos

If you’ve been thinking about getting a foot tattoos then take a little time and plan the tattoo design out first. Then find a professional tattoo artist and have him refine your basic concept. Take your time and don’t fret if you don’t find the design you want right away. Check out my free tattoo design…


Foot tattoos

Foot tattoos are very very sexy! They are great girl tattoos, very popular and cute tattoos designs right now. If you are considering a foot tattoo then you should go for it. If you are like many you might be stuck trying to find the right design for your tattoo. You might also worry about the cost or the pain level of getting it on the top of your foot. Well, it’s not so painfull 😉

There are many reasons you should go for it. First of all the designs for women work perfectly on the top of a foot. Many of the popular tattoo designs such as flower with vines, butterflies and fairies all lend themselves to the shape on the top of your foot. Another great reason to foot tattoos is their easy to keep hidden when needed.